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A Freedom City RPG Community

"A world without the Freedom League is not without heroes."

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This is the community journal for a Freedom City based Mutants and Masterminds (Super-hero) RPG being run by sapphirebreeze. This is primarily an OOC journal, used to make announcements and for reference purposes, although the occasional IC post may be made.

The actual campaign is not yet underway, and will most likely be accomplished in some sort of chat environment. Currently it looks like it's going to be accomplished through AIM, although I am still looking for alternatives that work for all my players.

Players are allowed a maximum of three characters, although normally only one is to be played during any given story arch. Exceptions to this will be announced ahead of time.

Knowledge of the proper use of the shift key and all those funny symbols that share keys with the numbers or the ones that crowd over to the right side of the keyboard is required. This game will be played in English (American or Common Wealther), not l337 or 12-year-old AOLer.

Those interested in joining should contact sapphirebreeze.