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Apologies, And Future Schedule - A Freedom City RPG Community
"A world without the Freedom League is not without heroes."

sapphirebreeze posting in A Freedom City RPG Community
User: team_people (posted by sapphirebreeze)
Date: 2007-03-31 18:30
Subject: Apologies, And Future Schedule
Security: Public
Tags:ooc reference
I am really, really sorry for the scheduling confusion that lead to this week's session being cancelled. This is what I get for assuming that everyone is on the same page. I guess it's true, what they say about "assume..."

Anyway, in the future, I would like to have a set schedule for the game of 8-10 PM Saturday, EDT (perhaps running to 11 some nights, if no one has pressing engagements and we're in the middle of something).

If there is a better start time for all members, please suggest it.

Finally, would people prefer if I posted weekly reminders, and if so, what day of the week should they be posted on?
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Lunatron: Metal Sonic
User: lunatron
Date: 2007-04-01 16:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Metal Sonic
I dunno... 6 may actually be better for me... *Needs a waffle icon.*
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sapphirebreeze: Batman: Squirt
User: sapphirebreeze
Date: 2007-04-01 17:25 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Batman: Squirt
Yes, you do!

Lemme know when you do know what's better, 'kay?
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