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Announcement Concerning Hero Points - A Freedom City RPG Community
"A world without the Freedom League is not without heroes."

sapphirebreeze posting in A Freedom City RPG Community
User: team_people (posted by sapphirebreeze)
Date: 2007-02-18 21:26
Subject: Announcement Concerning Hero Points
Security: Public
Tags:ooc, reference
I suspect I forgot to mention this, but given the format of our game, I'm modifying the way hero points are handled in my campaign.

The default rules are that you start each session with one hero point (unless you have a feat that modifies that). During the course of an adventure, certain heroic behavior can earn you hero points, plus you can be awarded them for suffering setbacks (basically, I can use them to bribe you folks into not complaining when I hit you with the plot sledgehammer ;) ). Generally, you want to save these for use in the climatic scenes of an adventure.

Because I expect adventures to sometimes last over several sessions, I'm modifying the rule so that, rather than being reset to one at the start of each session, we will instead reset to one at the end of each "story arc." Just as a continuing series in the comics generally has story lines that last several issues but have disctinct start and stopping points, so the campaign will have adventures that last several sessions.

At the start of a new adventure, however, Hero Points will still be reset.
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