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Headline: Mysterious Reptile Interferes With Museum Robbery - A Freedom City RPG Community
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sapphirebreeze posting in A Freedom City RPG Community
User: team_people (posted by sapphirebreeze)
Date: 2007-01-25 17:47
Subject: Headline: Mysterious Reptile Interferes With Museum Robbery
Security: Public
Tags:ic, news reports
The following news article appears, in some form or another, in all the major news papers of Freedom City, most notably the Freedom Ledger and the Daily Herald. Actually, it would have appeared almost a week ago (about the same time Lunatron made her log post) except I forgot about it. -_-; Unlike the log, this may be considered IC information. Anyone who wishes to ICly investigate the matter further is free to contact me... and please include a completed character sheet. ;)

Mysterious Reptile Interferes With Museum Robbery

Authorities are baffled in the aftermath of last night's robbery at the Hunter Natural History Museum, which resulted in the death of security guard William Thompson, damage estimated to be in excess of $15,000, and the loss of an ornate blade from a khopesh (a bladed weapon, similar to a sword) believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt.

At 11:47 PM last night the North End 911 call center received a phone call reporting a robbery in progress at the Hunter Museum. When police units arrived on scene, they discovered that the wide glass doorway had been smashed, apparently from the inside. Inside the main rotunda a masked suspect was found unconscious and badly injured near a section of floor that appears to have been smashed by something very large. The suspect was transported to Freedom Medical Center where he later died, although cause of death is still uncertain.

A museum employee, whose name is currently being with-held, claims to have been on her way out of the museum when she noticed something apparently wrong with Thompson. While investigating, she was attacked by four masked, armed individuals, one female and three males. While running for cover, the employee dialed 911 on her cell phone. At this point, according to her, a "dragon" appeared "out of nowhere," swatted one of the suspected thieves, smashed the floor, and vanished.

Eye-witnesses outside of the museum also reported what appeared to be a very large reptile of some sort through the museum's glass front.

By the time police arrived on the scene, the other three thieves had escaped. The museum employee and other eye-witnesses all report that at least one of them appeared to vanish quite suddenly. This matter is still under police investigation. The Hunter Natural History Museum is currently closed for repairs, with re-opening announcements still forth-coming.
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