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Headline: Mickens Estate Robbed - A Freedom City RPG Community
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User: team_people (posted by sapphirebreeze)
Date: 2007-03-04 20:03
Subject: Headline: Mickens Estate Robbed
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Tags:electric slide, ic, news reports
The following article appears in the morning edition of The Freedom Ledger, the city's oldest and most traditionally pro-Superhero newspaper. Another version appears in The Daily Herald, but lacks the interview with Sarah Mickens and has a tone that is vaugely condemning of Electric Slide.

Mickens Estate Robbed
Costumed Hero "Electric Slide" Captures 3 of 4 Thieves; Maid Found Dead In Den

The home of Councilwoman Sarah Mickens was broken into at some time between 10:00 PM and Midnight last night, while the family was out of the city on vacation. Three of the four alleged intruders are currently in custody thanks to the efforts of the hero Electric Slide, a relative newcomer to Freedom City. Electric Slide was unable to prevent the death of Adrienne Palm, the Mickens live-in maid, or the escape of the forth intruder with an undisclosed amount in money and other valuables.

The police were initially alerted to the robbery when Electric Slide dropped the captured criminals off at the Hanover District police station. Two were unconscious, but the third reportedly made several apocalyptic boasts before he died unexpectedly. Autopsies have not yet been completed, but a capsule of some sort was found broken in his mouth, and poisoning is suspected. Similar capsules were found in the mouths of the two unconscious captives and were removed for examination.

Police investigation at the scene of the crime revealed that security measures were disabled from the inside, possibly by Palm. Both the front door and the back have been broken into, and while the alleged criminals in the front den (where Palm's body was later discovered) were apprehended by Electric Slide, the thief who broke open a vault in the master bedroom got away clean.

"I am shocked! Shocked and horrified that such a thing could happen in my own home!" said Sarah Mickens when contacted over the telephone. "I am, however, grateful to, erm, Electric Slide for his assistance, and have complete faith that our city's police department will be able to sort this matter out quickly." Sarah Mickens, who was not due to return to the city for another week, has chosen to cut her vacation short. She and her family should be arriving in the city tomorrow.

Many details are being withheld as the matter is still under investigation; however, inside sources have pointed to a similarity in clothing between the newly apprehended criminals and the suspect taken from the scene of the Hunter Natural History Museum robbery last week.
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